About RiverGIS

RiverGIS is a QGIS plugin that helps you create HEC-RAS flow model. HEC has developed an excellent tool for that, the HEC-GeoRAS for ArcGIS. While HEC-GeoRAS can be downloaded and run at no cost, the ArcGIS licence can drain your pocket heavily. RiverGIS, released under the GNU General Public License, brings the power of HEC-GeoRAS into the free/libre software world.


RiverGIS is developed by:

  • Radosław Pasiok - project manager, developer, docs, support
  • Łukasz Dębek - key developer, support


  • Rafał Parda - ideas, spatial queries, docs, testing
  • Karol Zieliński - ideas, spatial queries, testing, examples

Source code and bugtrucker

Visit the plugin page on GitHub.